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Angelica Hicks, the artist behind Blue Chip: Confessions of Claudia Schiffer's Cat

Our recently-released book Blue Chip: Confessions of Claudia Schiffer's Cat takes a look at the adventures of the supermodel's loveable pet as he takes the fashion world by storm. We introduce the book's artist and fashion illustrator, Angelica Hicks.

Angelica Hicks, the artist behind Blue Chip: Confessions of Claudia Schiffer's Cat

Blue Chip gives you a glimpse into a world of fashion, film and celebrity through the eyes of Claudia Schiffer's cat, Chip, star of the movie Argylle. A firmly tongue in cheek story of how a supernova feline finally escapes a supermodel’s shadow.

With colour sketches by renowned fashion illustrator Angelica Hicks, this story charts the perilous path of a loveable cat as he desperately seeks his fame. A perfect gift, appealing to fashion and cat lovers everywhere.

We spoke to Blue Chip's illustrator, Angelica Hicks, about her career and working on Blue Chip.

You've worked with some huge names in the fashion industry and beyond, such as Gucci, Vogue, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When did your journey in art begin, what were your first jobs like and how has your experience been up to now?

It began as a child and I just never stopped drawing. While at university studying history of art I realized after graduation I would rather vacate the library and return to making my own art. My first jobs were varied and exciting as I realized I could make a living doing something I loved. I’m still so lucky to love what I do, now I’m exploring video with the same tone as my illustrations: collapsing the often lofty world of high fashion and making it accessible to everyone.

How did you get on board with the Blue Chip project?

Having been approached by Claudia Schiffer's friend for an illustration for her birthday years ago, and carried out a few other personal commissions in the interim, when I was first approached about illustrating her cat's autobiography I got on board immediately. What fun!

 Blue Chip: Confessions of Claudia Schiffer's Cat by Angelica Hicks

(Illustration: Angelica Hicks)

Your work on the Blue Chip book really brings to life the personality of Chip, his surroundings, and his adventures - how does one prepare for a project like this?

It was a big undertaking and I think one best prepares by not allowing the scope to overwhelm!

Your Instagram takes a very creative and humorous approach to fashion - what gave you the idea for such a great concept?

I have always enjoyed interacting with fashion in this way as I think it’s such a magical world and only wish that more people felt it were more accessible. Which I hope my work does!

Blue Chip: Confessions of Claudia Schiffer's Cat by Angelica Hicks

Sticking with your IG page, it doesn't feature much of your artwork - was that a conscious decision not to push it there?

I shared only illustrations on my Instagram page for the first seven years. Now I enjoy sharing videos and occasionally share illustrations too. Not really a conscious decision, just reflecting the medium I’m having most fun with online currently.

What's coming up for you next?

A ceramic collaboration featuring my illustrations that I am very excited about.

Blue Chip Confessions of Claudia Schiffer's Cat
(Product shot: Blue Chip)

Blue Chip is a paw-tobiography by Chip the cat, who stepped out of Claudia Schiffer's shadow and took on a leading role in Matthew Vaughn's film Argylle. Order Blue Chip: Confessions of Claudia Schiffer's Cat now.