Desert landscape of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan. (Photo: Qing Yu)

20/03/2019 Escape travel

On Trail Magic and Thru-Hikers

Wanderlust co-editor Cam Honan has trekked 90,000 kilometers in the last 25 years throughout over 50 countries. He explains why we can't stop once we have started walking. "When we choose to walk rather than fly or drive, something wonderful happens: our awareness and appreciation of the natural world begins to grow." And he reveals what happens, when wanderers return from the trail to their regular lives.
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Artis Federica Colletti breaks down art hierarchy through collage

14/03/2019 visual culture

The Surrealist World Where Hopper And Caravaggio Dine Together

Digital artist Federica Colletti is breaking down art hierarchy through collage. She brings her concepts alive by fusing paintings from famous artists, past or present, with other popular references in an arbitrary way–think of a world where René Magritte's Golconda, Francesco Hayez's The Kiss and Disney masterpiece's collide.
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Modular audio and video atelier system from 1982 (Design by Dieter Rams, photography by Koichi Okuwaki)

13/03/2019 design & fashion

“I Have Always Been Concerned with the Plain and the Simple”

Ideas of what can and must be achieved through good design are constantly changing depending on cultural and technological developments. German product designer Dieter Rams, however, came up with a foundation that advocates for the purist, almost imperceptible design. His 'ten principles of good design' are still considered timeless bedrocks of design theory and practice today. Find out who had a great impact on his notion of good design in the first place and read about his creative origins.
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Ladies, Wine & Design Berlin On International Woman's Day


Ladies, Wine & Design Berlin On International Women's Day

Berlin becomes the first German city to International Women's Day with a public holiday. An occasion to champion the advancement of women's rights, gender equality, and empowerment. We shine the light on an organization that is helping widen the discussion in the capital's creative community, Ladies, Wine & Design Berlin. 
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Bringing More To The Kitchen Table With Mina Holland. Images from The Modern House

22/02/2019 architecture & interior food & beverages

Kitchens Are For More Than Feeding The Appetite

Mina Holland, Deputy Editor of Guardian Feast, beautifully articulates the role of our kitchens and how they are now symbolic spaces in the preface of Kitchen Living. From childhood culinary memories to designing her own interior, Mina tells how food and writing became the tools of the trade.
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Woman with tongue. Part of the Venus Beach series by Pol Kurucz

19/02/2019 visual culture

Breaking The Rigid Concept Of Normality With Pol Kurucz

Photographer Pol Kurucz’s eye-catching collection of photos offer more than your average fashion or pop photoshoot. Charged by a desire to discover, his quest for different experiences has led him to question our concept of 'normality'. His images also represent a movement that challenges issues ranging from sexual and domestic violence to police brutality and stereotyping against black women in Brazil. 


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