'Fortune of a Nation' explores Donald Trump's absurdity by Henry Hargreaves

12/10/2018 food & beverages visual culture

Read Donald Trump’s Prophecies Inside Fortune Cookies

When the frustration and reality of Donald Trump being President of America is constantly on your mind, you have no choice but to create a fortune cookie series to remind the world of his prophecies. That's what Henry Hargreaves did in retaliation to the President's often absurd and surreal messaging.
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Yellow US American school bus standing in front of a mountain chain in Corsica. (Photo: Kai Branss)

10/10/2018 Escape travel

"Simple Life and Celebrating Taking Everything Really Slow …"

Two years ago, tattoo artist Julie Toebel and her partner Kai Branss, a director and videographer, bought an old American school bus, rebuilt the inside to meet their needs, and from then on called the vehicle their home. Having been featured last year in our Hit the Road book, we caught up with the pair to find out more about their new life.
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IBM 3278 – the first desktop computer. (Photo: Docubyte)

08/10/2018 design & fashion visual culture

Relive the Golden Age of Computers through James Ball

Before Netflix, Instagram and the internet existed a world of futuristic design and computing simplicity that paved the way for the device you are most likely reading this from. Now treasured art in museums, James Ball takes us on a glorious animated journey through this era.

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Red air-cooled Porsche model standing in front of former Pfanni factory in Munich. (Photo: Race Service)

04/10/2018 Escape

Luftgekühlt brings Ferdinand Porsche’s legacy back to Germany

Since launching in 2014, two-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long and one of California's most renowned Creative Director's Howie Idelson have created a whole new approach to showcasing cars. Their Luftgekühlt recently made its debut in Germany.
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Dining area in Casa Ljungdahl in Stockholm, Sweden, was designed by Note Design Studio. (Photo: Note Design Studio)

27/09/2018 architecture & interior

The Swedish Art of "Lagom"

Just when you thought you had understood "hygge" there's yet more to learn.
Some of the most important everyday concepts in Nordic life are encapsulated in words and phrases that are difficult to translate into other languages. Learn what the Swedish concept lagom means.
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Two e-bike riders on the streets of Paris–Electric Night Ride on July 8, 2018. (Photo: Bob van Mol)


Silent Night

Ever wondered if electric drive made a difference in biking culture? Well, think of bikers and their machines, but take away noise and exhaust fumes. But just like their petrol driven pals they like to hook up with like-minded folk. There is even an event series called Electric Night Ride. And guess what? It's very silent …
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