The Silence of Icebergs In The Ocean

10/02/2020 Escape travel

Silence Amongst Icebergs

While sailing through the soundless Arctic panorama defined by millennia-old glaciers that rise like cold flames of ice from the clear, deep blue ocean erased all of the evidence of life beneath, a once in a lifetime sense of equanimity is felt. This feeling of isolation is what keeps Michael Schauer hooked, and why he keeps heading northward to the furthest corners of Earth.
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The Power of Boundless Imagination To Get Beyond The Horizon

06/02/2020 Little Gestalten

The Power of Boundless Imagination To Get Beyond The Horizon

Sitting in a space between fiction and reality, the illustrations of Carolina Celas decipher complex life situations and encourage us to grasp the invisible. By gently slotting poetic text alongside serene artworks in Beyond the Horizon, she encourages a new mindset that looks beyond the physical vista.
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Professor Han Slawik On Containers Going Beyond Modular Design

05/02/2020 architecture & interior

Professor Han Slawik On Containers Going Beyond Modular Design

Luminary container pioneer Professor Han Slawik built the first module structure in Europe and published one of the most thorough books documenting this style of architecture. The bestseller has been revisited a decade later to explore how it has evolved, to mark the occasion we spoke to him on the Journal.
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Customized Creations With Le Labo

01/02/2020 design & fashion

Le Labo On Customized Creations

Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi are the creatives behind the seminal fragrance Santal 33, the perfumers who altered the perspective of an entire generation through their unisex fragrances. Featured in The Essence, we discuss how Le Labo's vision is still going strong.
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The Story of Containers and its Boundless Architectural Spectacle

29/01/2020 architecture & interior

Containers: From The Docks To An Architectural Spectacle

Behind the pioneer that created the freight container and transformed hauling forever, we explore how Malcom Purcell McLean's idea changed the world and went on to become a crucial part of contemporary architecture.
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Cutting A Culinary Cardon Footprint With Matt Orlando

23/01/2020 food & beverages

Cutting A Culinary Carbon Footprint With Matt Orlando

American-born and now Danish-based, Matt Orlando is using his wealth of culinary schooling to foster a new, more sustainable model for his restaurant Amass. Using an in-house garden and other mechanisms, he has begun to drastically reduce his carbon footprint while focusing on vegetables.
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