Find Architectural Uniqueness With Helin Bereket

18/01/2019 architecture & interior travel visual culture

Escape Into Africa And The Middle East Through The Lens Of Helin Bereket

Istanbul-born and Berlin-based photographer Helin Bereket has traveled to Oman, Namibia, Lebanon, and Nevada in search of something bold and different to document. Looking beyond the grey concrete of the German capital is inspiring her travels in search of architectural uniqueness.
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A deconstructed Bart Simpson by Matt Gondek.

11/01/2019 visual culture

Deconstructive Pop Artist Matt Gondek Makes Art Explode

When Matt Gondek first picked up a paintbrush he got inspired by a big stack of Mickey Mouse sketches he had begun for a freelance project. In one sketch Mickey’s head was exploding.  When he finished his first painting, he began another, and then another. At that moment he had developed his signature style of painting, and a few years later is still creating the deconstructed cartoon characters and fractured pop icons of our childhood. Read more about Matts endeavors here.
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Straight Out Of A Movie Scene With Christopher Soukup

09/01/2019 visual culture

Straight Out Of A Movie Scene With Christopher Soukup

Like "stills from movies that were never made," is how Christopher Soukup sums up his photography. While San Francisco sleeps and Pacific Ocean fog rolls into the Bay Area, Christopher is transforming the still and eerie streets into cinematic masterpieces. 

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Repacking Social Media Into 1980s Nostalgia by Thomas Ollivier

04/01/2019 visual culture

Repacking Social Media Into 1980s Nostalgia

Before instant messaging, showing off well-laid dinners, and listening to every genre under the sun in one day existed a pre-internet age with nostalgic devices. But have we become too dependent on them? Creative Thomas Ollivier explores this idea through his Re:Birth series.
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The Running Man is 3D CGI piece by Berlin-based artist Michael Tan.

18/12/2018 visual culture

The Third Dimension Through The Eyes of Michael Tan

CGI art has flooded our social media feeds over the last few years. The medium has exploded but like most things that catch our eye, after a few minutes, it's on to the next. But where do these mesmerizing, strange and often otherworldly designs come from? We caught up with 3D artist Michael Tan to find out.
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Conceptualizing The World Into Illustrations With Jun Cen

12/12/2018 Little Gestalten

Conceptualizing The World Into Illustrations With Jun Cen

From watching Japanese anime in Guangzhou to having his work featured in The New Yorker, Jun Cen's story from comic book fanatic to award-winning illustrator is one of intrigue. We find out more about the artist after he worked on a Little Gestalten favorite.
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