Two e-bike riders on the streets of Paris–Electric Night Ride on July 8, 2018. (Photo: Bob van Mol)


Silent Night

Ever wondered if electric drive made a difference in biking culture? Well, think of bikers and their machines, but take away noise and exhaust fumes. But just like their petrol driven pals they like to hook up with like-minded folk. There is even an event series called Electric Night Ride. And guess what? It's very silent …
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Boxer Muhammad Ali on the cover of French newspaper Libération on the occasion of the athlete's death in 2016. (Photo: Libération)

20/09/2018 visual culture

The Obituaries of French Newspaper Libération are Legendary

The obituaries in Libération are legendary. When a famous person dies, especially an artist, the best front pages in the world are those of Libé. On these occasions, the newspaper offers a poetic, distinctive portrait. Get an idea what our book Newspaper Design – Editorial Design from the World's Best Newsrooms is about.
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Street fashion icon Dapper Dan–born Daniel Day–posing on the streets of Harlem. (Photo: Thomas Welch)

16/09/2018 design & fashion

Dapper Dan is the Comeback King of High Fashion with Street Sensibility

Two decades ago, the Dapper Dan–born Daniel Day–was forced to close his legendary boutique on 43 East 125th Street due to lawsuits from the high-end houses, whose logos Dan used with abandon and without permission in his designs. Ironically, in the present he has opened a Gucci-backed atelier in the very street where he once made luxury products for the rappers, athletes, and nascent celebrities who had found success, but hadn't found someone who made clothes for them, which drew from their experiences.
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Products of Portland based cannabis dispensary Serra. The main color used is an Yves Klein inspired blue. (Photo: Half Court Studio for OMFGCO)

11/09/2018 visual culture

"Serra Was for Those That Were Curious, but Didn’t Want to Go to a Weed Shop"

Taking a decidedly artistic approach, the sophisticated pot boutique steers clear of the shady stoner image that many of its competitors cannot get out of their system. Brimming with both art and agricultural references, the brand Serra reaches out to those who, along with a good high, appreciate design that exceeds the industry standard.
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View from an infinity pool at Hotel Miramonti in Avelengo, Italy. (Photo: Monocle 2018)

10/09/2018 travel

7 Ways to Make the Most of Every Stay at a Hotel

There’s a special kind of thrill that checking into a hotel elicits. From the crisp sheets to the cozy barstools and rooftop pools, sometimes our lodging can be just as exciting as our travels themselves. From getting a little extra splash of luxury to eating the most authentic local dishes and charging your phone without buying an converter.
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Studio designed by Izat and Arundell in Edinburgh. (Photo: Haarkon)

06/09/2018 architecture & interior

A Masterclass in Livable Minimalism

This Zen-like Scottish retreat lies in the historic heart of Edinburgh in a former blacksmith’s workshop. Design duo Eilidh Izat and Jack Arundell spent months designing a single-room layout for the 36 m2 (388 ft2) property, which has been reimagined as a paean to natural materials and local artisans.
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