A Little Gestalten Tale That Chronicles The Meaning Of Family And Friendship

10/07/2019 Little Gestalten

A Little Gestalten Tale Chronicling True Friendship And Family

Author Robbie Wilkinson revels on his debut book and how fostering a sheltered dog inspired him to start writing. Now working as a producer in Amsterdam's creative industries, Robbie was curious about his dog's background, which inspired him to pick up the pen and write this story.
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Designing An Iconic Instagram Sticker With Josh McKenna

02/07/2019 visual culture

Designing An Iconic Instagram Sticker With Josh McKenna

Illustrator Josh McKenna has created one of the most iconic social media stickers in the world and continues to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community through his work. From career setbacks, finding your feet, and turning digital creations into real-life objects-we find out more about this dynamic creative with a "tongue-in-cheek" outlook on his work.
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Rendering Almost Real Objects With Wang & Söderström

24/06/2019 visual culture

An Exploration Into Digital And Physical Design With Wang & Söderström

Multidisciplinary studio Wang & Söderström were one of the highlights of Milan Design Week 2019, they also took over London Selfridges' famous store windows last year, plus have an arsenal of clients from the likes of Opening Ceremony, Adidas, The New York Times, and the Nobel Prize Organization to name a few. One of the most compelling duos in digital and physical exploration design, we get to know the Scandinavian duo. 

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Owen Davey On His World of Illustration And Avoiding Soul Destroying Work

14/06/2019 Little Gestalten

Owen Davey On The Powerful Medium Illustration And Avoiding Soul Destroying Work

Award-winning British artist Owen Davey has a distinctive vintage charm that appeals to adults and children alike. Armed with awards and a cult-like following on Instagram, Owen is being compared to the late American Modernist artist Charley Harper. His stylized work lite up our recent Wer Bin Ich? book, so we wanted to find out more about him and why he only takes on certain clients.
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12/06/2019 travel visual culture

The Beauty of Raw Polaroid Haze With Ferry van der Nat

There is a certain sense of nostalgia that hits us while looking at polaroid images. Beyond the visual appeal, it's probably also the attention needed in order to take the perfect instant photo: you can't retouch it, you have one try at capturing the moment, hence we appreciate polaroids that speak to us even more. Explore the polaroids series Mr. by Dutch photographer Ferry van der Nat and discover through this artist's eyes, why Amsterdam's fashion and creative scene is so welcoming towards the LGBTQ community. 
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Experience Tadao Ando's Compound For Creativity

06/06/2019 architecture & interior Escape travel

Experience Tadao Ando's Compound For Creativity

From Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect Tadao Ando, Casa Wabi is a sprawling compound in Mexico that feeds off the natural environment to fuel visiting artists and travelers. Nestled within the Oaxacan landscape, this art foundation residence tells a unique story about community and the quest for creative expression within nature.
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