Space by Terry Virts

25/04/2019 visual culture

Planet Earth From Astronaut Terry's Space Shuttle

Terry Virts is a U.S. Air Force pilot and NASA veteran of two spaceflights. After a two-week mission onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 2010 and a 200-day flight to the Space Station, he had amassed 319,000 photos taken from space. Here he shares a few of his favorites.

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Stephanie Dietze Photo by Lutz Eichholz for The New Outsiders

24/04/2019 Escape travel

Mountain Unicycling Is Taking Extreme Sports To New Heights

With two parents that represented Germany at the Olympic Games, Stephanie Dietze took a different route into the world of mountain unicycling. Living a unique life which consists of working remotely as an editor, traveling the world, and taking the extreme sport to new heights, we find out more about this single wheel thrillseeker.
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An Appetite To Explore Food Festivities With Beth Walrond


An Appetite To Explore Food Festivities With Beth Walrond

Did you know that eating apples during Xin Nian (Chinese New Year) is said to bring good wishes for peace, or that a parade is held in honor of Papà del Gnoco in Verona to celebrate Italian Carnevale? Beth Walrond explores food festivities in our latest Little Gestalten book.
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Pablo Rochat On Endless Fun and Plagiarism

09/04/2019 visual culture

Pablo Rochat On Endless Fun and Plagiarism

One of the most innovative creatives online and a prankster with a knack for social media originality, Pablo Rochat tells us his story. From his early days working at Tinder to unlocking the possibilities of the 'Tap and Hold' feature, we find out how award-winning Pablo became one of San Francisco's most sought-after creatives.
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A diving board captured by Romain Laprade

04/04/2019 architecture & interior visual culture

The Swimming Pool That Dreams Are Made Of

As part of a photography project titled “Domestic Pools,” young French photographer Romain Laprade shot a pool dripping in seduction. Designed by architect Alain Capeillères for his summer home the white oasis is truly a masterpiece.
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Spiritland doubles as a recording studio and has its own radio station. (Photo: Adam Scott)

27/03/2019 food & beverages

How Music Is Creating New Cultures Around Food

Background music has become ubiquitous and unavoidable. The debate has fuelled multiple perspectives on the purpose of music in restaurant culture: Do we need music at all? Where does the obsession to eradicate silence come from? Why doesn't more consideration go into the matching of music with food? We explore two establishments pushing food and music to new heights.
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