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Press Area

For a book review or story, you are welcome to download press images, the book cover, and selected inside pages. Look for the book you want by using the search box below.

The use of the images is restricted to a book review that specifies the title of the book and the associated copyrights, and not to illustrate another topic or the cover. Images may not be cropped, superimposed with text or altered in any way. Images may not be passed on to third parties, even to journals or magazines of the same publisher. It is prohibited to feed the images into electronic systems for any other purpose than the book review. Please let us know if the copyrights are not transferred for technical reasons, so that we can send them to you separately.

Under no circumstances is it permitted to scan, photograph or film the images from the book. We reserve the right to charge for unauthorized publications.

If you are interested in additional image material, please contact us, as this may require the express permission of the authors or photographers and gestalten and may be subject to a fee.

Thank you in advance for sending a PDF or other digital copy after publication to: press@gestalten.com