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Three Great Hikes in Wanderlust: British and Irish Isles

The latest addition to our Wanderlust series, 'Wanderlust British and Irish Isles', will take you from the heart of the Scottish Highlands, to the Lake District, Ireland, and onward to the expansive coastline of the English Riviera. gestalten look at three great hikes featured in a book packed with them.

Three Great Hikes in Wanderlust: British and Irish Isles

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In addition to highlighting the natural and historical monuments of the islands, Wanderlust British and Irish Isles celebrates the best hiking trails and details the best of British and Irish culture, providing readers with some unique spots to relax and unwind after a day of exploration. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals, and end your island journey by the fireside, savoring all that these remarkable islands have to offer.

gestalten pick three great hikes featured in Wanderlust British and Irish Isles and detail just why they are special, with anecdotes from the book's contributing editor, Alex Roddie.

For more detailed explorations of these hikes and many more, pick up your copy of the book today.



 Sandlings Way hike featured in the gestalten book, 'Wanderlust British and Irish Isles'

The shingle coastline of the Sandlings Way is a constantly changing environment (Photo by Justin Minns)

For hikers in the U.K., flatter areas are often regarded as second-rate compared to the mountains. However, the Suffolk Sandlings, an area that few have even heard of, refutes this by offering a blend of varied natural splendor, fascinating heritage, and internationally precious wildlife habitats. And although the views may be from a lower vantage point, they are often just as enjoyable.

Alex's Note

Although my heart will always be in the mountains, it is in the Sandlings that I really began to love multiday hiking. For me, it was a landscape of pure imagination and freedom. Wildness is to be found everywhere, and sometimes especially in the places that few other people have heard about.




The Welsh 3,000ers hike in Wales

Snowdonia, North Wales (Photo by Hollie Harmsworth)

At first glance, endurance mountain sports have little to do with multiday walking. However, many of the routes first created as endurance challenges make excellent long-distance walks for those of us with a slower pace in mind.

The Welsh 3,000ers is a perfect example. It is commonly tackled as a 24-hour endurance hiking challenge - and the current record stands at just over four hours! Aspirants must climb all 15 peaks of Snowdonia above 914m (3,000ft), starting from the summit of Yr Wyddfa.

Alex's Note

Over the years I have trodden every summit countless times and know the various ridges and scrambles intimately. My most recent adventure was a night on the summit of Yr Wyddfa to celebrate the summer solstice with a group of friends. Unforgettable.




Glen Kinglass, Black Mount Traverse hike, West Highlands, Scotland

Glen Kinglass is one of the most beautiful glens in Scotland - and very quiet (Photo by Alex Roddie)

Some of the finest mountains in the West Highlands can be found in the vast area between Glen Coe and Bridge of Orchy. This area is traversed by the West Highland Way, which cuts across Rannoch Moor to the east, but countless Munros - mountains above 914m (3,000ft) - await exploration in the rough ground beyond.

One of the finest mountain ridges in this region traverses an area known as the Black Mount and climbs six Munros. It has exceptional views, fine walking up on the ridge, and plenty of opportunities for wild camping, but involves no graded rock scrambling - although you will need to pay close attention to navigation. This is a connoisseur’s route for the experienced hill walker who feels at home in a wild landscape.

Alex's Note

My traverse of the Black Mount was a revelation, striding over peak after peak with a lightweight backpack and not a care in the world - but it was also the foundation of my current career as an outdoor writer.


Wanderlust British and Irish Isles book by gestalten
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From breathtaking nature to timeless culture, explore the hiking trails and the wonders of the British Isles. Pick up a copy of Wanderlust British and Irish Isles now.