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7 Ways to Make the Most of Every Stay at a Hotel

View from an infinity pool at Hotel Miramonti in Avelengo, Italy. (Photo: Monocle 2018)


There’s a special kind of thrill that checking into a hotel elicits. From the crisp sheets to the cozy barstools and rooftop pools, sometimes our lodging can be just as exciting as our travels themselves. But how can we make the most of our time while living in the lap of luxury?

Read on for seven tips, and browse The Monocle Guide to Hotels, Inns and Hideaways for a second look at the art of hospitality.
Inside of a sunroom at Stockholm based hotel Ett Hem. Couch, coffee table with books an magazines. (Photo: Monocle 2018)


Ask and You Shall Receive

When booking a stay, consider calling the hotel rather than using a third-party site. Chatting with the concierge or front-desk staff is a surefire way to make sure your needs are accommodated and a great way to get in their good books before you arrive for your stay.


Break the Ice

Crease the cotton sheets somehow and dial 1 for ice. The room is your home away from home for a night or for a while: kick back and relax to get your holiday started.
Dining table and a large wine cellar – interior of Great Dane hotel in Copenhaben, Denmark. (Photo: Monocle 2018)

Eat Fresh

Taking full advantage of the local offerings is always on the menu. Hotel reviewer and journalist Alexandra Pereira suggests requesting a taste of the local wine and a corner table to people watch. And for the main course? "I’ll usually ask for the chefs signature dish or whatever the catch of the day is if it’s coastal lodgings."

Netflix and Chill

Avoid extra charges for entertainment programs, when you want to sit back and relax. See your favorite films and shows on the big screen by packing an HDMI cable to link your laptop to the in-room television. Voilà.

Druzhba Sanatorium in Yalta, Ukraine, is located by the coast. (Photo: Monocle 2018)

Treat Yourself to a Nicer Room

A hidden industry secret is that appearances still matter, and booking a room at a higher price point can be an easy way to ensure more attentive service. The splurge can also pay off for future bookings: upgrades might be offered more readily to those in pricier rooms.



Recharge Without Getting in a Tangle

Don't stress about taking all of your chargers with you. Especially, if you go on a long distance trip, chances are, your plug won't even be compatible with the receptacles. And you don't want to buy an extra converter and carry it around on your trip. You can charge your smartphone by connecting it to the USB cable which you can plug in on the side of the television in your hotel room.



It’s Just Like Home

"From the bellboy to the GM to the mixologist to the chambermaid: staff members are people I’m curious to quiz on local facts and get to the real-talk with if we’re both in the mood", Pereira shared before adding: "Also it’s universally known that room service is completely unnecessary—walk the block unless it’s a 3 a.m. chocolate fondant or Bluetooth speaker for your impromptu suite party. And don’t bother stealing shampoos; they’ll just explode in your hand luggage."



Images taken from The Monocle Guide to Hotels, Inns and Hideaways