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Clay Grier from Upstart!

10/07/2019 design & fashion visual culture

A Mexican Madre Branding Masterpiece

Creative explorer Tony Farfalla started the mezcal journey while investigating Mexican shamanism during a visit to the southeastern part of the country. He fell for the recipe, brought in a group of creatives, and created Madre Mezcal.
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An Homage To Womanhood With Amanda Charchian

21/05/2019 design & fashion visual culture

An Homage To Womanhood With Amanda Charchian

A fantastical photographer that uses the power of the lens to address female body without the exploitative gaze, show that vulnerability is a strength, and to celebrate feminine sensuality, Amanda Charchian explores the modern female form like a poetic motif.
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Modular audio and video atelier system from 1982 (Design by Dieter Rams, photography by Koichi Okuwaki)

13/03/2019 design & fashion

Dieter Rams On His Connection To Simplicity

Ideas of what can and must be achieved through good design are constantly changing depending on cultural and technological developments. German product designer Dieter Rams, however, came up with a foundation that advocates for the purist, almost imperceptible design. His 'ten principles of good design' are still considered timeless bedrocks of design theory and practice today. Find out who had a great impact on his notion of good design in the first place and read about his creative origins.
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IBM 3278 – the first desktop computer. (Photo: Docubyte)

08/10/2018 design & fashion visual culture

Relive the Golden Age of Computers through James Ball

Before Netflix, Instagram and the internet existed a world of futuristic design and computing simplicity that paved the way for the device you are most likely reading this from. Now treasured art in museums, James Ball takes us on a glorious animated journey through this era.

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Street fashion icon Dapper Dan–born Daniel Day–posing on the streets of Harlem. (Photo: Thomas Welch)

16/09/2018 design & fashion

Dapper Dan is the Comeback King of High Fashion with Street Sensibility

Two decades ago, the Dapper Dan–born Daniel Day–was forced to close his legendary boutique on 43 East 125th Street due to lawsuits from the high-end houses, whose logos Dan used with abandon and without permission in his designs. Ironically, in the present he has opened a Gucci-backed atelier in the very street where he once made luxury products for the rappers, athletes, and nascent celebrities who had found success, but hadn't found someone who made clothes for them, which drew from their experiences.
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People sitting and strolling over Liberty Bridge in Budapest, Hungary (photo: Monocle 2018)

04/09/2018 design & fashion

The Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities

How do we make better cities – places that work for people of all ages and backgrounds? How do we make cities that provide the obvious essentials – great transport, good places to work – as well as the softer elements that truly deliver quality of life, from urban swimming pools to rooftop clubs? Monocle unpacks what makes a great city, whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or need help fixing your own, in the new Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities.
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