Artis Federica Colletti breaks down art hierarchy through collage

14/03/2019 visual culture

The Surrealist World Where Hopper And Caravaggio Dine Together

Digital artist Federica Colletti is breaking down art hierarchy through collage. She brings her concepts alive by fusing paintings from famous artists, past or present, with other popular references in an arbitrary way–think of a world where René Magritte's Golconda, Francesco Hayez's The Kiss and Disney masterpiece's collide.
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Woman with tongue. Part of the Venus Beach series by Pol Kurucz

19/02/2019 visual culture

Breaking The Rigid Concept Of Normality With Pol Kurucz

Photographer Pol Kurucz’s eye-catching collection of photos offer more than your average fashion or pop photoshoot. Charged by a desire to discover, his quest for different experiences has led him to question our concept of 'normality'. His images also represent a movement that challenges issues ranging from sexual and domestic violence to police brutality and stereotyping against black women in Brazil. 


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A bullet and a boiled egg. Image by Fragmento Universo

12/02/2019 visual culture

An Absurd Breakfast With Fragmento Universo

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The Tales Of North Korea’s Mass Games By Dan Medhurst

07/02/2019 Escape travel visual culture

The Tales Of North Korea’s Mass Games By Dan Medhurst

Secretive, mysterious, and oddly satisfying, photographer Dan Medhurst gained access into North Korea's Mass Games and what he shot was like a scene resembling a dystopian fiction. So we took this opportunity to find out more from Dan about Pyongyang's obedience, their military might, and his life as a photographer. 

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Screenshot of a 360 degree video animation of studio Universal Everything.

05/02/2019 visual culture

Going Inside The Sound With Universal Everything

Universal Everything has created a series of VR videos exploring new forms of audiovisual synaesthetic experience. Culminating in six 360 degree films posing the question “how does it feel to step Inside the Sound?” the London based studio has designed six alternative environments to get lost in, both visually and sonically.
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Six N. Five On Designing Realism And Its Imperfections

29/01/2019 visual culture

Six N. Five On Designing Realism And Its Imperfections

Six N. Five have been turning heads through their forward-thinking 3D work and aesthetic. Like a René Magritte painting, their work speaks to you. Director Ezequiel Pini talks us through the rise of the design studio, plus showcases their new furniture collection concept.
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