The Discovery of Self With Tishk Barzanji

12/11/2018 Escape visual culture

The Discovery of Self With Tishk Barzanji

Art is meant to be intriguing and draw a reaction. It’s true that something can be considered art just from it being labeled as such or a credible figure saying as much. But art is also meant to draw emotion and make you think, that's the sensation you get from Tishk Barzanji's work. 
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Has punk been reappropriated one too many times? (Photo: Shane Gonzales)

09/11/2018 visual culture

Anarchy Up In Flames. Has Fashion's Appropriation Of Punk Gone Far Enough?

Punk as a sub-culture has had an incredibly diverse, long-lasting and hugely influential impact on music and fashion. Born in the early 70's from a rejection of societal norms, the movement soon became big-business. We take a look at the trajectory of this cultural underdog and its stylistic re-appropriation.
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Selfies, Sex, and Western Slander With Tony Futura

02/11/2018 visual culture

Selfies, Sex, and Western Slander With Tony Futura

Mocking the Donald Trump's relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is some his more signature work. Tony Futura also fictionalizing how Facebook is a modern day Bible, savagely outlines society’s determination for instant gratification on social media, plus the dominance of conglomerates such as McDonald's and H&M in Western consumer culture. Tony's artworks make you stop and question what humans have become in modern society.
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Mother Design New York for Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

30/10/2018 visual culture

A New Age For Branding Where Charities Are Setting The Pace

Today's brands are many things, including creative platforms that pose between playful and professional pillars. They stir emotion and draw inspiration from everywhere, yes they boost sales but also allow us to celebrate diversity and break the glass-ceilings of the past. We look at the charities raising the branding bar.
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Geoffroy De Crecy for gestalten

22/10/2018 visual culture

Escape Into The World of Geoffroy De Crécy’s Therapeutic Animations

Through robots, animation, illusions, and pools, Geoffroy captures the simplicity and beauty of empty places, isolation, and automation like no one else. The hypnotic power and movement of the digital world are what is motivating French illustrator and animator Geoffroy De Crécy to create his endlessly satisfying and therapeutic work.

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'Fortune of a Nation' explores Donald Trump's absurdity by Henry Hargreaves

12/10/2018 food & beverages visual culture

Read Donald Trump’s Prophecies Inside Fortune Cookies

When the frustration and reality of Donald Trump being President of America is constantly on your mind, you have no choice but to create a fortune cookie series to remind the world of his prophecies. That's what Henry Hargreaves did in retaliation to the President's often absurd and surreal messaging.
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