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The Mind Behind Redesign

16/05/2020 design & fashion visual culture

The Mind Behind Redesign

"Print is still necessary. I can still appreciate some important values in print that digital doesn’t provide. Print means a reduced, physical space where you have the whole view of a story. It takes a different mental focus to proceed. The way we consume the news in print is complementary to digital," explains Javier Errea, one of the most renowned individuals in newspaper design.
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The Streamlined Surrealism of Carlo Mollino

06/05/2020 architecture & interior design & fashion

The Streamlined Surrealism of Carlo Mollino

The limitless ability of Carlo Mollino is what separates him from other designers of the mid-century era of utopian visions. A renaissance man whose oeuvre embraced the cultural and technological world, he grew to become a symbolic part of Turin's architectural and interior design landscape. Look back at his legacy on what would have been his birthday.
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Love Affair with Typography Libération

04/05/2020 design & fashion visual culture

A Love Affair With Typography

"Libération’s most recognizable element is, without a doubt, its red diamond-shaped logo," but also its striking visual journalism and typography. Characterized by a very distinctive use of typeface from the start, we delve into how Javier Errea aimed to distance the newspaper from the dominant visual aesthetics of the time.
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The Infographic is Mightier Than The Sword work by Alberto Lucas López

24/04/2020 design & fashion visual culture

The Infographic Is Mightier Than The Sword

Infographics are often regarded as the world's most-spoken language. In the field of journalism, they have the ability to unify incredibly dense and complicated subjects in a way that is attainable for all. "The pearl of journalism," explains Alberto Lucas López, one of the most celebrated infographers of this generation. Delve into his journey and discover how he changed the style guide of National Geographic.
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Weed Nuns On A Mission To Heal. Photo: Soraya Matos

17/04/2020 design & fashion visual culture

Weed Nuns On A Mission To Heal

When the Financial Crash of 2008 began to take its grip on the United States, a former financial consultant adopted a nun costume and took the streets to join the Occupy movement. This was the moment Christine Meeusen started her journey of becoming Sister Kate, and later the revolutionary weed healing empire known as the Sisters of the Valley. Explore emerging new cannabis culture for 420.
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Customized Creations With Le Labo

01/02/2020 design & fashion

Le Labo On Customized Creations

Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi are the creatives behind the seminal fragrance Santal 33, the perfumers who altered the perspective of an entire generation through their unisex fragrances. Featured in The Essence, we discuss how Le Labo's vision is still going strong.
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