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Remaking The World, One Globe At A Time

18/03/2020 Escape

Remaking The World, One Globe At A Time

Peter Bellerby’s London globe making workshop is keeping a craft that demands the highest levels of attention and detail alive, against the tide of mechanism and still adhering to established traditions. Delve into a story from our title The New Traditional.
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The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist, The New Traditional published by gestalten, photo by Fred Wissink

10/03/2020 Escape visual culture

The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist

Rumored to be over 100-years-old, Whang-od Oggay is the Philippines' oldest tattoo artist and a master of her craft. Keeping an ancient tradition alive in the Kalinga mountaintops, people from all over the world travel to her village to get inked by this legend. Read a story from our new book The New Traditional.
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Into The Mystical, Secluded Faroe Islands with Kirstin Vang

05/03/2020 Escape travel

Into The Mystical, Secluded Faroe Islands

Nestled in a pocket of the North Atlantic and caught between Scotland, Iceland, and Norway sits 18 minuscule masses of land that collectively make up the archipelago of the Faroe Islands. “Bare, naked, and rough” is how Kirstin Vang describes the landscape, a part of the world now defined by the storms and blustery winds that frequently batter the land.
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The Silence of Icebergs In The Ocean

10/02/2020 Escape travel

Silence Amongst Icebergs

While sailing through the soundless Arctic panorama defined by millennia-old glaciers that rise like cold flames of ice from the clear, deep blue ocean erased all of the evidence of life beneath, a once in a lifetime sense of equanimity is felt. This feeling of isolation is what keeps Michael Schauer hooked, and why he keeps heading northward to the furthest corners of Earth.
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The Pride of Ussher

21/01/2020 Escape visual culture

The Pride of Ussher

Between the colorful bazaars of Accra, Ghana lies two small neighborhoods that, over the decades, have become breeding grounds for international boxing champions. Having gained a window into their world, Antoine Jonquière explains why boxing is a matter of pride and hope.
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How Lamborghini Went From Tractors To Supercars (Photo: Rémi Dargegen)

08/10/2019 Escape

How Lamborghini Went From Tractors To Sports Cars

Every legend has a humble beginning. Before the supercars, Lamborghini’s dramatic start began with this gorgeous grand tourer. The story behind an iconic Italian sports car by Blake Z. Rong of Beautiful Machines.
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