'Fortune of a Nation' explores Donald Trump's absurdity by Henry Hargreaves

12/10/2018 food & beverages visual culture

Read Donald Trump’s Prophecies Inside Fortune Cookies

When the frustration and reality of Donald Trump being President of America is constantly on your mind, you have no choice but to create a fortune cookie series to remind the world of his prophecies. That's what Henry Hargreaves did in retaliation to the President's often absurd and surreal messaging.
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IBM 3278 – the first desktop computer. (Photo: Docubyte)

08/10/2018 design & fashion visual culture

Relive the Golden Age of Computers through James Ball

Before Netflix, Instagram and the internet existed a world of futuristic design and computing simplicity that paved the way for the device you are most likely reading this from. Now treasured art in museums, James Ball takes us on a glorious animated journey through this era.

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Boxer Muhammad Ali on the cover of French newspaper Libération on the occasion of the athlete's death in 2016. (Photo: Libération)

20/09/2018 visual culture

The Obituaries of French Newspaper Libération are Legendary

The obituaries in Libération are legendary. When a famous person dies, especially an artist, the best front pages in the world are those of Libé. On these occasions, the newspaper offers a poetic, distinctive portrait. Get an idea what our book Newspaper Design – Editorial Design from the World's Best Newsrooms is about.
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Products of Portland based cannabis dispensary Serra. The main color used is an Yves Klein inspired blue. (Photo: Half Court Studio for OMFGCO)

11/09/2018 visual culture

"Serra Was for Those That Were Curious, but Didn’t Want to Go to a Weed Shop"

Taking a decidedly artistic approach, the sophisticated pot boutique steers clear of the shady stoner image that many of its competitors cannot get out of their system. Brimming with both art and agricultural references, the brand Serra reaches out to those who, along with a good high, appreciate design that exceeds the industry standard.
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Light Photography by Alexis Pichot

27/07/2018 visual culture

Light Photography by Alexis Pichot

Inspired by his fast-paced life in the city, photographer Alexis Pichot decided to retreat into the woods to re-connect with his spirits and discover a hidden world. 
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Explore Editorial Excellence in Our New Book Newspaper Design

28/06/2018 visual culture

Explore Editorial Excellence in Our New Book Newspaper Design

Designing the news is and has always been a science—a unique blend of carefully chosen words and images. Newspaper Design brings the science to life by telling the story of editorial innovations and the creatives behind them. 

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