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The Touch - Spaces Designed for the Senses

04/09/2019 architecture & interior visual culture

The Touch: Spaces Designed for the Senses

Kinfolk, Norm Architects, and gestalten have come together to present architecture and interiors that are not only visually appealing but which engage all of the human senses. Exploring 25 different haptic design structures and interior designs that enhance experiences through five different pillars: materiality, community, light, nature, and color.
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Chongqing Is Taking Density To New Heights

17/07/2019 architecture & interior travel

Human Life In The Changing Face of Chongqing

In 1968, China embarked on a journey of reform that saw its once closed-off Communist society open-up to the rapidly globalizing world around it. This transformation of mentality, economics, and culture was set to reform the People's Republic of China into a modern superpower. Kris Provoost has been documenting the changing face of the futuristic city of Chongqing.
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Experience Tadao Ando's Compound For Creativity

06/06/2019 architecture & interior Escape travel

Experience Tadao Ando's Compound For Creativity

From Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect Tadao Ando, Casa Wabi is a sprawling compound in Mexico that feeds off the natural environment to fuel visiting artists and travelers. Nestled within the Oaxacan landscape, this art foundation residence tells a unique story about community and the quest for creative expression within nature.
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How Visual Citizens Are Rendering The Future

03/05/2019 architecture & interior visual culture

How Visual Citizens Are Rendering The Future

Digital realities are creations giving us an immersive glimpse of ways to design for our future surroundings. Visual Citizens are one of the design studio's offering a window into the limitations of the future architectural world developing around us.
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A diving board captured by Romain Laprade

04/04/2019 architecture & interior visual culture

The Swimming Pool That Dreams Are Made Of

As part of a photography project titled “Domestic Pools,” young French photographer Romain Laprade shot a pool dripping in seduction. Designed by architect Alain Capeillères for his summer home the white oasis is truly a masterpiece.
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Bringing More To The Kitchen Table With Mina Holland. Images from The Modern House

22/02/2019 architecture & interior food & beverages

Kitchens Are For More Than Feeding The Appetite

Mina Holland, Deputy Editor of Guardian Feast, beautifully articulates the role of our kitchens and how they are now symbolic spaces in the preface of Kitchen Living. From childhood culinary memories to designing her own interior, Mina tells how food and writing became the tools of the trade.
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