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Carla McRae on her fashionable form of self-expression through illustration

06/05/2020 Little Gestalten

Dreaming and Drawing The Colorful Calls of Nature

The playful artworks of Carla McRae's follow a ‘less is more’ design approach. Focused on creating more minimal, simple imagery that plays on geometry and abstraction, she says, "I try to always create an image that is optimistic or focuses on hopeful solutions." On the art of illustrating a picture book, she reflects on the processes used for Let's Play Outdoors!
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Pursuing Planet Preservation

21/04/2020 Little Gestalten

Pursuing Planet Preservation

Earth has had a long and miraculous life so far. Our home is beautiful, diverse, and plentiful if we preserve it in the right way. To coincide with Earth Day, we delve into Precious Planet and its incredibly insightful sustainable practices and education for children. Now more than ever, we need to come together to protect our planet for the next generations. Through infographics and expertise, we look at the dawn of Earth and what the future can hold for humanity.
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02/04/2020 Little Gestalten

An Enchanted Children’s Tale That Brings The Forest Inside

Convert a home into a theatrical adventure tale for children that follows animals around a forest. Explore a pre-cut, pop-out picturebook that brings a story alive this International Children's Book Day. Put on a mask, adopt an animal role of your choice and let the family’s imagination sink into a make-believe world.

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Stockpile on all the right things this International Children's Book Day

01/04/2020 Little Gestalten

Essential Stockpiling For International Children's Book Day

Rally up the kids and start a book club this International Children's Book Day. The name of the game is activities and education. Stir up new projects at home with these three activities from Easy Peasy, a children’s introduction to gardening. Find out what you need and how to do it.
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The Power of Boundless Imagination To Get Beyond The Horizon

06/02/2020 Little Gestalten

The Power of Boundless Imagination To Get Beyond The Horizon

Sitting in a space between fiction and reality, the illustrations of Carolina Celas decipher complex life situations and encourage us to grasp the invisible. By gently slotting poetic text alongside serene artworks in Beyond the Horizon, she encourages a new mindset that looks beyond the physical vista.
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A Little Gestalten Tale That Chronicles The Meaning Of Family And Friendship

10/07/2019 Little Gestalten

A Little Gestalten Tale Chronicling True Friendship And Family

Author Robbie Wilkinson revels on his debut book and how fostering a sheltered dog inspired him to start writing. Now working as a producer in Amsterdam's creative industries, Robbie was curious about his dog's background, which inspired him to pick up the pen and write this story.
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