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Stockpile on all the right things this International Children's Book Day

01/04/2020 Little Gestalten

Essential Stockpiling For International Children's Book Day

Rally up the kids and start a book club this International Children's Book Day. The name of the game is activities and education. Stir up new projects at home with these three activities from Easy Peasy, a children’s introduction to gardening. Find out what you need and how to do it.
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The Power of Boundless Imagination To Get Beyond The Horizon

06/02/2020 Little Gestalten

The Power of Boundless Imagination To Get Beyond The Horizon

Sitting in a space between fiction and reality, the illustrations of Carolina Celas decipher complex life situations and encourage us to grasp the invisible. By gently slotting poetic text alongside serene artworks in Beyond the Horizon, she encourages a new mindset that looks beyond the physical vista.
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A Little Gestalten Tale That Chronicles The Meaning Of Family And Friendship

10/07/2019 Little Gestalten

A Little Gestalten Tale Chronicling True Friendship And Family

Author Robbie Wilkinson revels on his debut book and how fostering a sheltered dog inspired him to start writing. Now working as a producer in Amsterdam's creative industries, Robbie was curious about his dog's background, which inspired him to pick up the pen and write this story.
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Owen Davey On His World of Illustration And Avoiding Soul Destroying Work

14/06/2019 Little Gestalten

Owen Davey On The Powerful Medium Illustration And Avoiding Soul Destroying Work

Award-winning British artist Owen Davey has a distinctive vintage charm that appeals to adults and children alike. Armed with awards and a cult-like following on Instagram, Owen is being compared to the late American Modernist artist Charley Harper. His stylized work lite up our recent Wer Bin Ich? book, so we wanted to find out more about him and why he only takes on certain clients.
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Work in progress illustration for Little Gestalten book

22/05/2019 Little Gestalten visual culture

Immerse Yourself In The Vibrant Florals Of Illustrator Aitch

The beauty of visual storytelling, illustration, in particular, lays in its simplicity and at the same time sophistication: the observer understands the imagery instantly. We caught up with Romanian illustration artist Aitch. Plant elements–bold in color and clear in shape complemented by dark backdrops–are essential to her style which made the perfect aesthetic for our playful Little Gestalten book Easy Peasy–Gardening for Kids
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An Appetite To Explore Food Festivities With Beth Walrond

17/04/2019 Little Gestalten visual culture

An Appetite To Explore Food Festivities With Beth Walrond

Did you know that eating apples during Xin Nian (Chinese New Year) is said to bring good wishes for peace, or that a parade is held in honor of Papà del Gnoco in Verona to celebrate Italian Carnevale? Beth Walrond explores food festivities in our latest Little Gestalten book.
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