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Josh Cheon on San Francisco's Music Scene

30/07/2019 travel visual culture

Josh Cheon on San Francisco's Music Scene

A former lab scientist turned DJ and record label owner who is elevating electronic music in the Bay Area. DJ and co-founder of Dark Entries Records Josh Cheon sheds some light on today's electronic music scene in San Francisco.
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Chongqing Is Taking Density To New Heights

17/07/2019 architecture & interior travel

Human Life In The Changing Face of Chongqing

In 1968, China embarked on a journey of reform that saw its once closed-off Communist society open-up to the rapidly globalizing world around it. This transformation of mentality, economics, and culture was set to reform the People's Republic of China into a modern superpower. Kris Provoost has been documenting the changing face of the futuristic city of Chongqing.
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12/06/2019 travel visual culture

The Beauty of Raw Polaroid Haze With Ferry van der Nat

There is a certain sense of nostalgia that hits us while looking at polaroid images. Beyond the visual appeal, it's probably also the attention needed in order to take the perfect instant photo: you can't retouch it, you have one try at capturing the moment, hence we appreciate polaroids that speak to us even more. Explore the polaroids series Mr. by Dutch photographer Ferry van der Nat and discover through this artist's eyes, why Amsterdam's fashion and creative scene is so welcoming towards the LGBTQ community. 
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Experience Tadao Ando's Compound For Creativity

06/06/2019 architecture & interior Escape travel

Experience Tadao Ando's Compound For Creativity

From Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect Tadao Ando, Casa Wabi is a sprawling compound in Mexico that feeds off the natural environment to fuel visiting artists and travelers. Nestled within the Oaxacan landscape, this art foundation residence tells a unique story about community and the quest for creative expression within nature.
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Stephanie Dietze Photo by Lutz Eichholz for The New Outsiders

24/04/2019 Escape travel

Mountain Unicycling Is Taking Extreme Sports To New Heights

With two parents that represented Germany at the Olympic Games, Stephanie Dietze took a different route into the world of mountain unicycling. Living a unique life which consists of working remotely as an editor, traveling the world, and taking the extreme sport to new heights, we find out more about this single wheel thrillseeker.
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Desert landscape of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan. (Photo: Qing Yu)

20/03/2019 Escape travel

On Trail Magic and Thru-Hikers

Wanderlust co-editor Cam Honan has trekked 90,000 kilometers in the last 25 years throughout over 50 countries. He explains why we can't stop once we have started walking. "When we choose to walk rather than fly or drive, something wonderful happens: our awareness and appreciation of the natural world begins to grow." And he reveals what happens, when wanderers return from the trail to their regular lives.
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