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Filmic Post-Industrial Hostelry In A Eco-design. Photo: Peter Guenzel

26/03/2020 Escape travel

Eco-Design Cinematically Unified With Post-Industrialism

A former quarry on the Swedish island of Gotland has been transformed into a minimalistic hostelry that brings eco-design to a forgotten Brutalist structure. A sustainable cooking approach that enhances the surrounding land has made it a hotspot for Scandinavia's culinary scene. Take a look inside this reimagined guest house.
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Into The Mystical, Secluded Faroe Islands with Kirstin Vang

05/03/2020 Escape travel

Into The Mystical, Secluded Faroe Islands

Nestled in a pocket of the North Atlantic and caught between Scotland, Iceland, and Norway sits 18 minuscule masses of land that collectively make up the archipelago of the Faroe Islands. “Bare, naked, and rough” is how Kirstin Vang describes the landscape, a part of the world now defined by the storms and blustery winds that frequently batter the land.
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The Silence of Icebergs In The Ocean

10/02/2020 Escape travel

Silence Amongst Icebergs

While sailing through the soundless Arctic panorama defined by millennia-old glaciers that rise like cold flames of ice from the clear, deep blue ocean erased all of the evidence of life beneath, a once in a lifetime sense of equanimity is felt. This feeling of isolation is what keeps Michael Schauer hooked, and why he keeps heading northward to the furthest corners of Earth.
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Inside Alaska’s Last Wild Frontier Denali National Park

04/10/2019 Escape travel

Inside Alaska’s Last Wild Frontier Denali National Park

The sheer untamed scale of Denali National Park is why outdoor adventurers gravitate to the 'Crown Jewel of the North.' If you combined Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon together, Denali would still be greater. German photographer Simon Prochaska talks us through shooting the cover of Wanderlust USA.
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A Space Between Reality and Fantasy

30/08/2019 travel visual culture

A Space Between Reality and Fantasy

The details captured by Gustav Willeit give his images some verisimilitude, a sense of reality at first glance, but the sharp lines of symmetry also shape an almost fantasy-like version of the landscape.
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Chumbe Island birds eye view

12/08/2019 Escape travel

On The Forefront Of Eco-Education At Chumbe Island

Chumbe Island Coral Reef Sanctuary, located off the coast of Tanzania, harbors one of the most effectively managed reefs in the Western Indian Ocean. It is renowned for its rich coral diversity and locally rare species that call it home. Featured in our title Bon Voyage, we caught up with founder German Sibylle Riedmiller to find out why she made it her life mission to create this marine protected area.

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