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Read Your Heart Out

Read Your Heart Out

Read Your Heart Out

visual culture

Summer's over but its spirit still lives on in this series of photographs from designer Ben Denzer. Over the past year, Denzer has taken to the streets with a number of classic novels and contemporary titles armed with a camera and sheets of colorful paper. He’s partnered with ice cream shops across New York to drip, drizzle, and otherwise adorn books with treats like scoops of  Thai iced tea cream to fresh soft serve swirls and chocolate milkshakes. Bright, splashy, and colorful: Ice Cream Books are the cream of the crop. 

See more tasty tidbits in our recent release Visual Feast, or in our classic title The Still Life.

 Ice Cream BooksIce Cream BooksIce Cream BooksIce Cream BooksIce Cream Books


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